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Staying ON − Hardship Program

QEnergy’s Staying ON Program is available to all QEnergy residential customers who may find themselves experiencing financial hardship, or are having difficulty paying electricity bills in the short term or ongoing.

By simply phoning and registering for the QEnergy Staying ON program you will be automatically assigned a Hardship Manager. Our highly trained customer care Hardship Managers will tailor a payment plan that is personalised to your individual financial situation.

The Hardship Manager will also be able to provide you information and access to other helpful programs

  •     Government assistance and concessions eligibility
  •     Financial counselling
  •     Energy tips to help reduce your electricity consumption

Once you have registered in the Staying ON program you will have instant peace of mind that your electricity will not be disconnected while engaged in the program. Staying ON customers you will not be subjected to any additional charges such as late payment fees or security deposits.

You will receive our Hardship Manager’s contact details and written confirmation of the agreement for the Staying ON program. The Hardship Manager will monitor your account on a regular basis and stay in touch with you to help you successfully complete the program or offer further solutions and assistance.

QEnergy will ensure your privacy is protected throughout the duration of the Staying ON program.

Am I eligible for Staying ON?

To be eligible for the Staying ON program you must be a QEnergy residential customer, be experiencing short or long term financial difficulties and be having trouble paying your electricity bills.

Some of these difficulties may include:

  •     Loss of job or income
  •     Personal and family situations e.g. divorce, separation
  •     Illness, disability or death in the family

If you feel you would be eligible for this program or would like some further information, contact our specialist team on 1300 698 992 or click here to email us.

For more information on our Staying ON policy click here.

For more information on QEnergy Hardship Policy (Victoria) 2019 click here. To know more on how to obtain assistance under the Payment Difficulties Policy click here. This policy applies to our Victorian customers from 1 January 2019.