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QGreen — Green Energy

QGreen is a way for business to reduce their carbon footprint by reducing greenhouse gas emissions; a way to show their commitment to a world that uses renewable energy sources such as wind, hydro and biomass. Increasingly, consumers are showing their preference for dealing with companies that show they are committed to these practices. It makes smart business sense to give those consumers another reason to choose you over your competition.

Environmental credentials

Simply choose the level of accredited renewable energy consumption that best suits your business needs. We will purchase the equivalent amount of GreenPower on your behalf from  accredited renewable energy sources, and the cost to you is only marginally more that standard electricity. The benefits you and the environment reap are invaluable. Purchase 10% or more of your annual energy consumption as GreenPower and proudly display the GreenPower User Logo on all your company’s marketing material.

A commitment to green, the government's nod

Our QGreen product is fully accredited by GreenPower. GreenPower is a government program setting accreditation and reporting standards for renewable electricity production in Australia. Supporting companies with the GreenPower logo ensures you are supporting the growth of renewable energy. Visit for more information about GreenPower, or to apply to use the GreenPower User Logo once you have purchased your QGreen Product.

Subscribing to QGreen

Simply call our team on 1300 44 85 35 to discuss your QGreen Option or for more information please go to