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Best Energy Provider, Cheap Energy Retailer For Small Business

Looking for the Best Energy Provider in Australia? QEnergy is a Cheap Energy Retailer for small businesses. Contact us and speak with one of our experts today.

Quality Energy Retailer 

The lack of options in electricity savings was the driving force behind the foundation of QEnergy in 2007. Since then our aim has been to be the cheapest and best energy provider

We are one of the cheap energy retailer for small business and residential customers in Australia. We offer our best energy retailer services to help you get significant Business Electricity Savings.

Being 100% privately owned allows us to provide a wide range of specialised energy retail services in New South Wales, South Australia, Northern Territory, Victoria, and Queensland.

With our team of experts, you will be given our Best Electricity Offer with the best electricity rates that can cater to the energy needs of your residential and business properties.


Quality Energy Service

Beyond our goal to be one of the Cheapest Energy Provider, QEnergy goes the extra mile in providing quality service: 

  1. Tailored Energy Solutions
  •      To cater your energy requirements accurately, we do our best to understand your electricity usage. In doing so, we are able to give you tailored solutions that will fit your energy needs.
  1. Personal Account Manager
  •     For your convenience, we will provide you with your personal account manager with a direct line you can contact for any QEnergy concerns you may have. 
  1. Convenient payment plans
  • To have one less thing to worry about, we have a monthly payment option that can help you keep track of your energy consumption easier.
  1. Competitive Rates on All Retail Components for up to two years
  • For your peace of mind, your personal account manager will take the time to present you with all your possible energy options and tell you where you can save the most. To make this great offer last longer, you have the option to have a contract with us for up to two years.
  1. No Connection and Joining Fees
  • To make things easier, switching to QEnergy will not require you to pay any additional connection or joining fees.
  1. No Early Termination Fees
  • To give you freedom to choose, QEnergy will not charge you for early contract termination.
  1. No Credit Card Fees
  • To give you more payment option methods without additional fees, QEnergy allows you to pay using your credit cards without needing to pay for any merchant service fees.
  1. Hassle-free Transfer
  • To help you transfer smoother, your personal account manager will be the one to coordinate with your previous energy retailer and network provider once you decide to make the switch to QEnergy. The only change you will go through will be enjoying the best energy retail rates from QEnergy, and receiving QEnergy electricity bills from then on. 


Quality Energy Savings

Being a cheap energy provider, QEnergy lives by the our idea of saving money through providing the cheapest energy rates we can give our residential and business customers. We do this by offering discounts on the retail components on your bill. However, there are some factors influencing the cost of supplying energy to your business which we cannot control because they are legally mandated: 


Network Costs

These are the costs of moving the energy from generators to your household or business properties. 

Environmental Charges

These are the charges paid to the government to cover the costs of de-carbonising the generation of energy to protect the environment.


Experience quality service from one of the best energy retailer now. Contact Us here!

QEnergy, the Electricity Retailer that redefines quality.