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Best Electricity Retailer For Small Business

We are a private Australian best energy retailer offering a wide range of specialised services. These services respond to the requirements of households and businesses in terms of energy.

We began our operations in the year 2007 when we realised a lack of options in terms of electricity as well as savings. Our idea was to offer a solution for savings for residential and the small and medium scale businesses.

We being the one of the best energy provider have a team of qualified and experienced professionals. These professionals are very well versed with the needs and expectations of residential customers and different businesses across the country.

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We are a 100% privately owned and public unlisted firm having operations in New South Wales, South Australia, Northern Territory and Victoria currently.

We are known as one of the cheapest energy provider as we offer solutions to households and businesses for saving energy.

We drive all our energies towards making life easy for households and businesses. We would offer you the cheapest quotes possible.

What do we offer to our clients?

We at QEnergy not only boast of being one of the cheapest energy provider but we also offer quality services.

  1. Tailored solutions

We ensure that we patiently understand your needs and your business, your expectations and the business operations. Accordingly we offer a solution.

  1. Account manager

In case you have got some doubts or if you want some assistance, you can reach out to your account-manager. You do not need any kind of voice recognition. Being one of the best energy retailer, we would offer you advice and assistance from the best of specialists.

  1. Convenient payment plans

For a lot of consumers, the spending on energy is maximum, and thus monthly payments are important. They would help you with the best electricity rates as well as best residential and business electricity savings.

Our team of experts are knowledgeable and experienced and thus would be able to offer you solutions for every problem. They would offer you practical and useful tips which would help you and your business to save a lot of money.

Our idea of saving money

We are a cheap energy retailer and thus we cannot change whatever you pay for the costs of network or the environmental schemes. But, we would definitely help you in saving by offering discounts on the retailing components of the energy bill. By decreasing all such costs and also locking them down for a year, we help households and businesses in saving money.

Factors influencing the cost of supplying energy to your business

There are a number of factors influencing the cost of supplying energy to your home and business. Some of them are:


The network costs cover cost to move the energy from generators to your household or business.


The environmental charges are paid to the Government and they basically cover the costs of de-carbonising the generation of energy.

We are popularly known as cheap energy provider and we are proud to offer cost efficient solutions to our clients.

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